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Unlimited Video Subscription
$1500/month through December 2023

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Unlimited Video Content

  • Stringr daily live shots

  • Stringr daily original news stories in broadcast, digital, and raw formats

Always on feed of new and relevant video covering evolving news stories from across the United States:

Unlimited Platform Use

Take that video and automatically translate, caption, edit and publish with unlimited access to the Stringr platform:

  • Unlimited live streaming with the Stringr App

  • Unlimited live stream hosting

  • Unlimited transcription

  • Unlimited captioning

  • Unlimited translation

  • Unlimited publishing to social and web

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The Stringr app allows anyone on your team to contribute live content with two cameras on the same smartphone.

For example, send both a rear and front-facing live stream simultaneously to use as two separate feed sources.

Dual Camera Live Streaming

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