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Live Production Solutions
Remote Production Suite for HD Video over IP

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Live Studio

  • Remote switching and PIP templates

  • Multicasting

  • Live graphics

  • Stream to multiple destinations 

  • Native streaming to social

  • Live stream hosting and embed link

  • Automatic VOD of individual feeds and produced stream

Send videos and live feeds directly to the Stringr Live Studio for dynamic productions.

Remote Interviews in HD

Record or stream your remote guests, contributors and commentators in HD. Simply send a link and they can instantly join your broadcast with ultra-low latency and bi-directional contribution over IP.

Or use the feature to stream or record remote commentary in real-time, from any location.


The produced stream and each individual feed are automatically saved in HD as separate videos for future editing and production too.

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Dual Camera Live Streaming

The Stringr app allows anyone on your team to contribute live content with two cameras on the same smartphone.

For example, send both a rear and front-facing live stream simultaneously to use as two separate feed sources.

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