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Custom Video Sourcing Solutions
Remotely Source Footage and Video Content 

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Types of footage

Use this request type for b-roll, exterior shots, community events, weather, or breaking news scenes.

Crowd Requests

Send a request to all available videographers in a specific location, region or everywhere. You get multiple video clips, from multiple freelancers, by your deadline.

Types of footage

Use this request type for MOS/PIO interviews, protests, or press conferences where you need audio.

Select Requests

For more detailed shots or when you need audio. Our curation team assigns these to one videographer with the right skills and equipment for what you need.

Types of footage

Use this request type for interviews with high profile guests, detailed shoots, or footage from sensitive areas where discretion or credentials are typically needed.

Pro & Live Requests

Vetted videographers with higher-end equipment for live shots and professional shoots. We assign to one video specialist that will deliver the video footage you want.

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The 24/7 Stringr Curation Team
Our freelance network and platform are backed by the Stringr Curation Team of video specialists, ready to assist you with all your video sourcing needs. They ensure all your requests are submitted correctly, assigned to the right videographer, and are fulfilled on time.

Our curation team monitors all requests on the platform and reviews all video content in real-time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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