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Stringr Remote Video Sourcing
For More Local News Coverage  

More local coverage.
Massive geographic freedom.

The Stringr Remote Video Sourcing Solution is a flexible model that allows news outlets to scale up or down with the demands of the daily news cycle.


News teams can cover multiple stories in different locations, simultaneously. News producers get to be more effective and skilled internal crews can have the freedom to cover lead news stories more in-depth.


And you'll never have to “staff up” for heavy news periods because Stringr’s 24/7 Curation Team and on-demand videographer network is ready to help you cover any event, anytime, anywhere. 

Why it works so well

How it works.

  1. Create a request on the Stringr platform

  2. The Stringr network is instantly mobilized

  3. Receive multiple video options in real-time 

The Stringr videographer network is already in place, stationed all over the US and internationally, multiplying the ability to gather news for hyper local areas, especially when your teams are already busy. And our 24/7 Curation Team ensures your requests are assigned and that you have quality options to choose from.

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Learn how 1,000 global broadcast customers are able to extend the reach of both their in-house editorial and field production teams.

Read the Report:
Stringr Customers Grew Hyper-Local News Coverage by 276%

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