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Stringr is a powerful remote video newsgathering solution for broadcast and online journalism.


By combining the world's largest videographer network to source video in real-time with an unparalleled cloud-based production suite, news outlets can produce, publish, stream and manage content from anywhere.

Stringr has your DMA covered.


Remote Video Sourcing with the World's Largest Videographer Network

The Stringr Remote Video Sourcing solution is the first step in creating a complete remote production (REMI) workflow.


Because the Stringr videographer network is already located where you need content, you can source original HD b-roll clips, stand-up a live feed or get professional footage faster than any other news solution.


More than 1,000 broadcasters use Stringr's remote video sourcing options to cover more news stories, from more locations, without sending a crew.

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Original Stories

Stringr produces daily original packaged news stories available for immediate syndication and sharing.

Delivered in three formats: broadcast, digital and clean, our stories also enable media outlets to create their own customized versions in no time.


The Weather Feed

The Stringr Weather Feed is an exclusive integration with the National Weather Service that automatically turns severe weather alerts into video you can use instantly.

Remote Video
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The World's Largest News Video Archive

Stringr has the world's largest news video library with over 1.2 million exclusive breaking news, expert interviews, weather and community videos. 


All footage is searchable by location, date, keyword and even the transcript so you can find the content you need quickly and easily.

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Distribution & Asset Management

Embed Video Player

Native Social Media Publishing

Online Live & Recorded Video Hosting

Contribute & Distribute Across Organizations


Cloud Video Storage & Asset Management

The newsgathering platform for every stage of production.

Collaboration & Video Production

Real-time, Frame-level Remote Commenting & Collaboration

Live Stream Broadcasting & Production Software

Automatic Transcription, Captioning & Caption Editing

Translation in Six Languages


Dolby Audio Correction

Cloud Editing

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Remote Commenting & Collaboration

Stringr offers cloud-based collaboration so remote teams can work simultaneously for a more efficient production workflow.

Video review features like frame-level commenting and markups, means you can remotely make changes and get approvals in real-time for broadcast, digital and social sharing faster than ever before.

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Stringr Features: Cloud Production, Video Management, Remote App and Excusive Video Content 

The Stringr App

The Stringr App lets you leverage anyone on your team for video contribution - including live. They get instant notifications on their phone to send recorded video or live stream directly through the app.


The app also features dual streaming with both front and rear facing cameras, transforming a smartphone into a real broadcasting solution.

Live streaming app for news video
Engage Web Still.png

Community Reporting & User Generated Video

Stringr Engage makes it easy to create a URL link and QR code so anyone outside your organization can instantly share video content from wherever they are with their phone, without having to download additional software.

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Live Stream Production

The Stringr platform includes an integrated remote video production and live streaming solution. 

Switch between multiple feeds, add remote guests, create lower thirds, make a graphics playlist and even host your live stream completely in the cloud. No additional hardware needed.


Live Pool Feeds

Stringr offers daily live pool feeds from around the globe. Our curation team monitors breaking news, the AP planner and evolving stories to proactively set up live shots that you can instantly pull into your broadcast.

Our platform easily integrates into any broadcast production and online streaming workflow to make Stringr a seamless source of live content for both linear and digital news programs.

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Live Pool Feeds
Remote Interview

Asset Management

With Stringr, all your assets are in one place and easily accessed to be used multiple ways by anyone on your team, wherever they are.

All content is searchable by text, metadata and transcript. And with our frame-by-frame review tools, you can collaborate and get remote commentary in real-time.

Asset Management

Easily invite remote guests and contributors and create HD recordings or live broadcasts. Each view is a source for live production and all videos - host, guest and produced feed - are automatically recorded in broadcast quality.

Remote Guest Interview

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